High-Level Vocab For SSC And Bank Exams



High Level Vocab With Root Words For SSC And Bank Exams

1. Chron = time 
Chronology = arrangement of events in order of occurrence 
Chronicle = historical record 
Chronograph = a stopwatch that records time with great accuracy 
Chronic = lasting a long time 
Chronometer = timepiece 

2. Morph = form 
Morphology = form and structure of an organism 
Metamorphosis = change of form 

3. Poly = many 
Polyglot = competent in many languages 
Polygon = a geometrical plane figure with three or more straight line 
Polynomial = used to describe a mathematical expression with more 
 than two terms 
Polymath = knowledge in a variety of subjects 
Polyandry = a woman who has more than one husband. 
Polygamy = a man who has more than one wife 

4. Pan = all 
Panhuman = for all humanity 
Pantheism = a belief that a god is everything an all-round view 
Panorama = an all-round view 
Pantropic = found throughout the topics 

5. Meter = measure 
Ammeter = device used to measure current 
Voltmeter = device used to measure voltage 
Altimeter = device that measures altitude 
Pedometer = instrument used to measure distance covered by walking 

6. Neo = new 
Neophyte = beginner, a recent convert 
Neologism = new word or meaning, newly coined word. 
Neonate = a new born child. 

7. Pyr = fire 
Pyre = pile of burning material 
Pyrogenic = producing heat 
Pyromaniac = person who sets fire to things 
Pyrotechnics = relating to fire works 
Pyrophobia = excessive fear of fire 

8. Astro = star/space 
 Astronomy = science of stars 
 Astrologer = science who practices or studies astrology 
 Astronaut = space traveler 

9. Ped = child 
Pediatrician = doctor who treats children 
Pedodontics = concerned with dental care and treatment of children 
Pedology = study of physical and mental development of children 

10. Soma = body 
Somato = body type 
Somatic = physical illness which is mentally induced 
Somotalogy = study of physiology and anatomy of body 

11. Gam = marriage 
Monogamist = married to one person 
Bigamist = married to two people 
Polygamist = married to many 
Misogamist = one who hate marriage 

12. Theo = god 
Theology = study of god or religion 
Theocracy = government of god 
Theomacy = battle among gods 

13. Onym = name 
Pseudonym = pen name 
Antonym = word opposite in meaning 
Synonym = word similar in meaning 

14. Bible = book 
Bibliopole = bookseller 
Bibliophile = lover of books or collector of books 
Bibliography = a list of books and articles consulted book sources. 
Bibliomania = extreme fondness or obsession for books 

15. Soph = wisdom 
Philosophy = love of wisom 
Sophist = ancient greek philosopher 
Sophisticated = urbane, classy, complex

16. Mis/Miso = to hate 
Misanthropy = hatred of mankind 
Misanthropist = one who hates mankind 
Misogynist = one who hates women 
Misogamist = one who hates marriage 
Misobiblic = one who hates books 

17. Anthropods = mankind 
Anthropology = study of the development of the human race 
Philanthropist = one who loves mankind

18. Phil = to love 
 Philology = love of language/words 
 Philosophy = love of wisdom 
 Philanthropy = love of mankind 
 Philanthropist = one who loves