Nouns Error Spotting Questions For SSC CGL/CHSL/UPSC

Spot the errors in the following sentences: 

1. I know that(a)/ these furnitures are(b)/ for sale(c)/No error(d) 

2. A six years old child(a)/ won (b)/the first prize(c)/No error(d) 

3. Do not(a)/ find faults(b)/ with others(c)/No error(d) 

4. Mohan has(a)/ broken(b) /his spectacle(c)/No error(d) 

5. You will be surprised to see that(a)/ his hairs are(b) /black(c)/No error(d) 

6. All his(a) /son-in-laws are (b)/very intelligent(c)/No error(d) 

7. What(a)/ are(b) /the news?(c)/No error(d) 

8. My trouser is(a)/ new(b) /and clean(c)/No error(d) 

9. She(a)/ gave me(b)/ many advices(c)/ No error(d) 

10. The sister of Mohan(a)/is very good(b) /at cooking(c)/No error(d) 

11. Sarita went(a)/ to the town(b) /on feet(c)/No error(d) 

12. My(a)/ scissor is(b)/ blunt(c)/No error(d) 

13. This baby(a)/ is(b)/ three year old(c)/No error(d) 

14. Ramesh has(a)/ gone to(b)/ buy fruits(c)/No error(d) 

15. The police(a)/ has arrested(b)/ the thief(c)/No error(d) 

16. The sceneries of Shimla are(a)/ very(b) /charming(c)/No error 

17. Govind(a) /gave me(b)/ a five rupees note(c)/No error(d) 

18. The cattles)a) /are grazing(b)/ in the field(c)/ No error(d) 

19. This house(a)/ is built of(b) /bricks and stones(c)/No error(d) 

20. The hunter(a)/ killed (b)/three deers(c)/ No error(d) 

21. These news are(a) /neither true(b)/ nor convincing(c)/No error(d) 

22. Geeta is(a) /my cousin sister(b)/She is a good player(c)/No error(d) 

23. They found(a) /the sheeps(b)/ grazing in the valley(c)/No error(d) 

24. Mathematics(a)/ are a(b) /difficult subject(c)/No error(d) 

25. They have(a) /sent us(b)/ many informations(c)/No error(d) 

26. The gentry(a)/ of the town(b) /has been invited(c)/No error(d) 

27. Daughters-in-law(a)/ should respect(b)/ their mother-in-laws(c)/No error(d) 

28. Suraj went(a)/ to buy(b)/ vegetable(c)/No error(d) 

29. Alm was(a) /given to(b)/ the poor(c)/No error(d) 

30. The machineries are(a)/ not functioning(b)/ properly(c)/No error(d) 

31. This chair's leg(a)/ is old(b) /and broken(c)/No error(d) 

32. Politics are(a)/a dirty(b)/ game(c)/No error(d) 

33. Shipla found(a) /two long hair(b)/ in her food(c)/No error(d) 

34. Jasbir(a)/ gave me(b)/ a ten thousands rupees(c)/No error(d) 

35. She took(a)/ pain over(b)/ her work(c)/No error(d) 

36. The wages of(a)/ sin are(b)/ death(c)/No error(d) 

37. Hundred of innocent people(a)/ were killed(b) /in the war(c)/No error(d) 

38. Your(a)/ scissor needs(b) /sharpening(c)/No error(d) 

39. Sohan bought(a)/ three dozens eggs (b)/from the shop(c)/No error(d) 

40. The girl's hostel(a)/ has been(b)/ closed(c)/No error(d) 

41. The weather of Shimla(a)/ is good(b)/ for health(c)/No error(d) 

42. The road(a) /was closed(b)/ for repair(c)/No error(d) 

43. They caught(a)/ many fishes(b) /in the pond(c)/No error(d) 

44. The fleet were(a)/ destroyed(b)/ by the enemy(c)/No error(d) 

45. The summons were(a)/ served by(b) /a bailiff(c)/No error(d) 

46. Mohan and Sohan's(a)/ shops(b)/ are in the main market(c)/No error(d) 

47. Mohan's and Sohan's(a) /shop(b) /is in the main market(c)/No error(d)
48. "Lives of the Poets"(a)/ are written(b)/ by Dr. Samuel Johnson(c)/No 

49. They enjoyed(a) /their summer(b) /vacations(c)/No error(d) 

50. The judge(a) /passed order(b)/ for his release(c)/No error(d) 

51. Pankaj ran(a)/ a two miles(b)/ race yesterday(c)/No error(d) 

52. She is sad(a)/ because she has(b)/ no issues(c)/No error(d) 

53. He applied the break(a)/ to stop the scooter(b)/ and averted the 
accident(c)/No error(d) 

54. One of(a) /the student(b)/ solved the question(c)/No error(d)